Tips to avoid the mid-afternoon slump

Time Out Dubai speaks to health experts in Dubai to help you stay healthy in Dubai and beyond; here we have tips to avoid the mid-afternoon slump

1 Exercise
If an early morning workout is impossible, then hit the gym during your lunch break. An afternoon sweat session can ward off sleepiness.

2 Take breaks
Roll your neck in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. A stretch here and a roll there can go a long way.

3 Go green
While we recommend not having coffee mid-afternoon (hello, sleepless nights), we do suggest drinking a cup of green tea. Less caffeine, but enough for a pick-me-up.

4 Take a cat nap
If your mind and body are overly exhausted, no remedy will work but a power nap. A simple ten to 20 minutes of snooze time can be enough to help you get through the day.

5 Turn up the music
Studies have proved that listening to music can boost productivity and efficiency. Plug in and listen to your favourite tunes to side-step sleepiness.

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