Five reasons to drink hot lemon water

Time Out has more health and beauty advise from Dubai experts. Here we tell you five reasons to drink hot lemon water, including digestion and more

1. Better Digestion
The citric acid in lemon can improve absorption of aluminium hydroxide. Drink it thing in the morning to also boost digestion.

2. Detoxify
Even though lemon is acidic, its combination with warm water wakes up the liver and flushes out toxins.

3. Soothe The Tummy
Had a big curry for dinner last night? Make yourself a warm cup of lemon water and sip slowly first thing in the morning. The flavonoids in lemon juice will reduce acidity.

4. Support Weight Loss
Lemon juice is becoming a superhero natural remedy. This citrus liquid also contains pectin, a soluble fibre, that has been known to act on weight loss.

5. Cure Heartburn
Sipping on hot water with lemon and a spoonful of manuka honey balances the calcium and oxygen levels in the liver and instantly cures heartburn.

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