What is bulletproof coffee?

Time Out answers the questions on everybody's lips - what is bulletproof coffee? Get a recipe and find out the health benefits

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You may think that an order of an almond milk vanilla chai latte with a generous squeeze of agave at your local café will make you the coolest you’ll ever be. Actually, that ship has sailed.

Health fads rarely catch our attention (unless warranted and backed-up by science, of course), but when famous faces such as Harry Styles, Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran announce that their secret to lasting energy, perfect skin and prolonged focus is a (questionable) mix of coffee, butter and oil, we pause to listen.

This blended concoction is known as a bulletproof coffee (when really, it should be bottled up and sold as “Harry Style’s beauty secret”) and it’s been around for years. The cool inhabitants of Tibet have been casually mixing a blob of local nak butter into their black tea to stay alert and nourished in harsh climatic conditions at 18,000 feet. But now, this drink has gone through an urban makeover and has found its way into the hearts and minds of everyone from paleo-devotees to serial slimmers.

While we weren’t initially so convinced about starting our morning with a cup full of non-plant-based saturated fat, science quelled our concerns. A good dose of saturated fat first thing in the morning prevents the body from entering that mid-afternoon slump or craving a packet of crisps come 4pm. This “miracle” beverage takes saturated fat to a level higher than avocado on toast, with its formula of low-toxin black coffee blended with a spoonful of unsalted grass-fed butter and virgin coconut oil. Blend these until you get a frothy latte-like mix. There are two major rules for making bulletproof coffee: you need to stay away from other dairy – no milk in your cup – and you must blend it all up in a mixer (stirring simply will not do).

Our first sip of this rich, buttery beverage is not pleasant (Styles, did you lie to us?). The creamy taste of butter is incredibly overpowering and even takes over the strong aroma of the coffee. We can’t finish our first cup on day one. However, the next morning, we add a little less butter and a lot more coconut oil. This time, it’s a lot more drinkable. Almost like a coconut milk latte, which, as a side note, someone needs to start brewing in Dubai. Back to bulletproof, though, and aside from the identity crisis our taste buds are going through, after the third day, we feel very awake for our morning bootcamp session and don’t get hungry until lunchtime.

We play around with the original recipe, putting our own stamp on it, but we find ourselves adjusting to the density and flavours every day. We highly recommend trying this version for your morning caffeine fix, not least because you’ll save yourself Dhs20 on that cappuccino at your local café every morning. Look, Harry drinks it, and if it’s good enough for him…

Bulletproof coffee ingredients are available at all supermarkets across Dubai.

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Time Out answers the questions on everybody's lips - what is bulletproof coffee? Get a recipe and find out the health benefits


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