How to grow the perfect beard

Time Out tells you how to grow the perfect beard, including some advice on male grooming salons in Dubai, like Chaps & Co in JLT

Whether you’re planning to grow a Leonardo DiCaprio-style bushy beard from his The Revenant days, or a simple scruff à la The Departed, actually doing so can be tricky in a man’s world.

While some might be born to spring facial hair, for others, it can be a real challenge. If you’re a first-timer, growing the perfect beard comes with a side of itching, neckline clean-ups, (and even a spot of leftover rice clinging onto the hairs if you’re unlucky), and let’s not forget the prickly aftermath.

But there is a knack to growing the perfect beard. “Patience and persistence go hand in hand and these are the two key things you need to grow a beard, along with the Y-chromosome, of course,” says Chris Browne, co-owner Chaps & Co in JLT and a proudly bearded man.

“Just like growing your hair out, it takes time to grow a beard and you’ll go through stages where it looks scruffy or even patchy, but if you want that tombstone, you’ve got to keep going.”

And Browne says the temperatures we’re currently experiencing are actually good for it. “Heat makes human hair grow faster, so the climate out here really helps,” he says.

That said, he notes that the climate will also dry out the beard, so it’s essential to moisten the facial hair with beard oil every morning and night. A regular wash and comb through is also recommended.

Browne believes it should typically take two to six months to grow a beard from scratch.

And if yours is patchy on the cheeks, don’t give up, says Browne. “It’s quite normal. Not all the hair on your face grows at the same rate. Hold out for six to ten weeks and the patches will fill out.”

What, you think Jake Gyllenhaal and, erm, Brian Blessed got all that hair by being impatient?

Beard trim starts from Dhs35. Open Sat-Thu 9am-9pm; Fri 9am-7pm. Chaps & Co. Cluster C, JLT (04 551 6192).

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