Meet a Zumba instructor in Dubai

Time Out has more handy insights into jobs in Dubai as we meet a Zumba instructor in Dubai, from Gold's Gym group. Get tips on working in fitness

Meet a Zumba instructor in Dubai

What makes a good Zumba instructor?
Apart from a passion for dance, you need to be able to connect with your members and find ways to make the class fun.

What’s the biggest challenge in the UAE?
I only teach mixed classes, and in the beginning it was difficult because the ladies would not want to join a mixed class, and the guys thought Zumba was “only for women”. Thankfully, that has all changed now.

How do you invent a new routine?
First, I pick a song – something modern and up-tempo. Then I choreograph the routine and spend about a week perfecting it. But I’m always open to suggestions.

What’s your daily schedule like?
I teach for five to six hours across different Gold’s clubs. In my free time, I practise or create new routines, because I don’t want my members to get bored.

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