Advise on looking younger from Dubai spa Essa Beauty

Time Out has advise on looking younger from Dubai spa Essa Beauty. Discover some of the best spa treatments and home techniques to defy age

If you want people to keep saying, “You don’t look a day over 15” (our favourite age, right now, for obvious reasons) then keep reading. Shitika Anand has your skincare regime sorted

An adolescent age comes with many side effects: mood swings, impatience, acne on the wrong day... While most of us might remember our teens as the time when we had no responsibilities, aside from an urgent desire to become an adult, this celebratory birthday is soon going to become a sweet reminder of why 15 is one of the best ages to be.

Time Out Dubai is only going to get wiser and better with age (if we may say so ourselves), however, our skin will need some immediate attention. With the desert climes affecting the best of our pores, we let Lydia Espin, award-winning facialist and owner of Essa Beauty, help our skin out of its pre-mature ageing conundrum.

“The top two offenders of ageing are UV rays and smoking. Both damage the free radicals that bind our collagen and elastin fibres in our skin,” she says. “The biggest giveaway of premature ageing are the hands. Everyone seems to forget about their hands; chemicals and hot water can strip away the protective barrier on the skin on your hands, causing irritation and dryness. Also, your neck and décolletage area loses elasticity faster than anywhere else, so don’t just think that your face regime ends at your chin. Moisturise this area every morning and evening, gently exfoliate once or twice a week, and apply a sunscreen daily.”

While you may not be able to stop the clock on your age, Espin recommends sticking to an achievable skincare regime that isn’t difficult to follow and is effective. “Wearing an SPF every day, whether it’s humid and 90 degrees outside or chilly and rainy, is an absolute must. But before the SPF, you must cleanse, tone and moisturise – and then wear your foundation on top of the SPF.”

But what about men? “Stop using shower gel for washing the face. If a skincare regime intimidates you, start with the basics: face wash, moisturiser, and an anti-ageing eye cream.”

Espin also points out that, before bed, women must wash their face twice – first to remove make-up and dirt, and second to deep clean their follicles.

While Espin has the tips to master your skincare routine in the morning and evening, she also has ideas on how to camouflage. “A fake tan the night before a big day or meeting is great to get an instant glow. Tinting the eyebrows and getting them in the right shape can do wonders for the face as well, as brows essentially frame the face.” Regular facials, using the right make-up and getting a cool hair cut all help, but Espin has a strong opinion about glitter. “Avoid too much glitter with your make-up – glitter can sit in wrinkles and draw attention to them.” Be right back, we need to rethink our birthday outfit!

Essa Beauty, Cluster G, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (04 374 4288).

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