Sonic meditation in Dubai

Restore harmony with sound meditation sessions at the TWIG centre in Mirdif

The power of sound is immense. Even in the womb, the sonic patterns of the outside world are believed to be transmitted to us, with our mother’s voice audible from 23 weeks, giving us an innate sense of attachment to them.

As we grow older, sounds (and especially music) can both reflect and affect our moods. For thousands of years, the medium of music has been used as a way to soothe stress, with ancient philosophers such as Plato and Confucius singing its praises, as it were.

Perpetuating such beliefs, the folks at the TWIG centre in Mirdif have introduced sound meditation sessions led by trainer Naresh Devani. Combining the so-called “science of sound and art of vibration”, Devani aims to enhance his students physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by restoring their harmonic balance using the vibrations from instruments such as tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, pipes and drums.

“Sound meditation is unique in that it restores health and harmony into our lives,” says Sultaneh Naeem, TWIG founder. “It’s a great choice for people living in Dubai as this city is so fast-paced that we tend to forget to restore energy and peace back into ourselves.

“Sound mediation helps with depression and panic attacks, and brings awareness to the inner processes of the mind.”

As well as group classes that will restore your harmony, TWIG offer private sessions of sound healing in which a trainer will create sound and vibration energy using ancient and modern instruments to release tension and strengthen self-healing powers.
Dhs85 (sound meditation). Wed 7.30pm-8.30pm. TWIG, Uptown Mirdif, (04 288 2461).

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