Timeless Spa

Fancy a boys’ spa treat? It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone. Have a look at this

Our intrepid Time Outer, turned gentlemen’s spa reviewer, tried the Timeless Spa at The Harbour Hotel for size…

I must say I do like a nice spa treatment, so when I was given the opportunity to try out the spa at the Harbour Hotel, I was very excited.

As I entered the spa I immediately felt at ease, which is how it should be, but doesn’t happen all that often here in Dubai. I was greeted with exuberant smiles and asked if I had an appointment, hiding my excitement, I gave my name and was ushered to the waiting area which, much like the rest of what I had seen, boasted light colours easy on the eyes and professionally slick.

I was given a glass of water and told to take my shoes and socks off, which given my Asian background I was very used to. After only a couple of mins I was introduced to the specialist who was going to give me an Indian head massage. This is a treatment I am not all too familiar with and I was intrigued with what it was all about.

Next, I was told to undress and don a new pair of shorts which I thought strange at first until the masseuse explained that the treatment was preceded by a cleansing back rub, which was excellent and a perfect opener after a hard day’s work. I was even given a choice of fragrances to choose from. I went for lavender oil as I was told this was particularly popular and I wanted to see why. Post lavender cleanse, I was told to re position myself on the table before my Indian Head Massage begun. I was completely relaxed and had been for some time, with my specialist’s soft hands, perfect technique, and gentle words I quickly dove into a world of peace and tranquillity.

They say that a good head massage, Indian or not, is supposed to send you to the most perfect of sleeps and this definitely ticked all the right boxes. I felt myself nod off more than a few times and had it not been for my fear of snoring and possibility of not waking up, I would have let myself go.

After the massage, it took me a few minutes to gather my thoughts and realise that I wasn’t at home and that I actually had to leave. The rainforest shower to finish was refreshing and gave me enough juice to be able to go home, I was even given some jasmine tea while I prepared to leave. If you are looking for a professional spa with heaps of treatments to suit your every need then this is the place for you, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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