Past life regression

We go back in time with a spot of past life regression. Who'd have thought we were like that?


I’ve always had a casual, off-hand approach to reincarnation. When my roommate told me about his deep-seated fear of rats, which include nightmares of his face being eaten by rodents, I replied, ‘Maybe you were tortured by them in your last life.’ Did I believe this? I’m not so sure. It’s just the kind of thing you say when someone has an inexplicable fear or affinity. My mom just as casually pondered if my random obsession with Russian culture and literature as a child might have been linked to a past life. I guess you could say I’m a reincarnation agnostic. Is it possible? Sure, I guess. Logical? Well…

I’ve never had an official (is there such a thing?) past-life reading. But when I heard there was a couple trained in severing cumbersome ties to previous lives I couldn’t resist paying them a visit. Terry and Buddy Allen practise out of their villa in Jumeirah, and use a combo of crystals, reiki and intuition to help clients get rid of baggage from previous journeys.

‘I cut Buddy’s cords, and he cut mine,’ Terry tells me. During the Middle Ages, Terry says she was forced to wear a chastity belt, while Buddy had a dominating woman following him around from life to life.

‘After I cut her hook into Buddy, it took her two days to go away.’ I was curious, is it always a human-to-human transfer? Do we ever start out as, oh, I don’t know, dung beetles? Sometimes, she says. It depends on the person.

‘And does everyone have a past life? Are there any new souls?’ I ask. ‘They’re mainly in Africa,’ she informs me. ‘Although there are a lot of crystal children out here.’

‘I’m sorry, crystal…’ ‘They’re highly elevated beings from above. It’s their first time on this planet, and they’re here to teach their parents how to act and how to eat.’ She’s seen quite a few, she says, and they take to the crystals she sells in her shop like ducks to water. There are also indigo children, who have been coming down for the last 25 years or so. The kids (or young adults, now) hate liars, and are acutely sensitive to injustice.

‘Barack Obama has filled his cabinet with a lot of indigo children. It’s really interesting, but he goes that way,’ she tells me. When I go into her healing room, it turns out that I’m neither crystal, nor indigo, nor new. My soul’s been on this earth long enough to witness Atlantis (the sunken island, not the hotel on the Palm). It appears I took up residence there. After clearing my chakras, which Terry was disturbed to find were all either not working, or going in the wrong direction, she tells me that I was a woman forced into slavery by the island’s men.

‘I don’t know what you did before you were a slave. I couldn’t go that far back yet, but they made you get their food and their drink.’ It seems that I too was forced to wear a chastity belt by my dominators. On this cleansing, there was no word on any time I spent in Russia, though Terry tells me she was only able to scrub the first layer of my aura (there are seven layers in all, she says).

I’m not completely taken aback by this past life. As a child I had a fascination with Greek mythology, and it was the Greek philosopher Plato who first wrote about the mythical island. But I don’t believe in Atlantis, the lost continent that supposedly existed 3,000 years before the Bronze Age. It was meant to be a great naval power, yet it existed before the practice of agriculture was fully formed.

While I had a hard time swallowing the details of my past life, I can’t deny that my body reacted during my aura cleansing. The crystals that Terry placed on and around my body caused me to twitch, which she attributed to my reacting to the expulsion of negative energy. I think I fell asleep during the process. When I finished, I admit that I felt more energised, but then again I had just taken a cat nap.

It’s too early to say what long-term effect this past-life therapy will have on my life. Will I be more outspoken as a woman now that I’m no longer connected to my slave past? Woe be to my partner and my male boss, who both, I’m convinced, find me outspoken enough.
Past life cord cutting is Dhs450 per session. For more info, call Terry Allen at 050 655 5814, or visit

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