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There is a common misconception that it’s impossible to exercise outside in Dubai - it's not

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There is a common misconception that it’s impossible to exercise outside in Dubai during the summer months. Most people are afraid they might melt. But there are work-outs that are complemented by hotter climates, including yoga. For years I’ve wondered why outdoor yoga classes are so scarce in a city so suited to them. Fortunately, Core Direction has swooped in to fill that niche. Four times a week, they teach the ancient art in Safa Park.

When I first started attending, I worried the public venue, outside the privacy of the usual fitness room, might attract some unwanted spectators. I envisioned barbecuing families pointing and laughing at the crowd gathered to do a group downward dog. Luckily, this wasn’t the case. Although the occasional curious child (or man) gawks (until they got shooed away by the instructor) most people don’t bat an eyelid at the group of bendy, stretchy people.

And fortunately the growing groups are varied, including several beginners. The class instructors make it easier for all levels to participate by letting you set your own pace. Following the regular hour-long all-over work-out, they always make a point of inviting people to pipe up if they want to focus on any body part a little bit more (glutton for punishment). But more than any other yoga class, what Core Direction has going for it is the simple, satisfying feeling one gets from meditating in the great outdoors. Core Directions could well put an end to your summer cabin fever this year.
Classes run every Sunday and Wednesday at 9am and every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm, Dhs500 for 10 classes. Valid for three months from date of purchase. Visit, call 055 789 7968.

The Core Yogilates classes will now cater to JBR / Marina Residents from May every Sunday and Tuesday at 7 PM on the JBR Beach.

500 Dhs for 10 sessions.

The class is still running in Safa Park as well but expanding to JBR.

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