Reiki haircut

We get the chop, with a bit of therapy thrown in. But was it any better than a standard hair cut or just a fad?

Tried & tested

Anywhere else in the world having your hair cut by a reiki master might seem like an odd proposition. But this is Dubai, so when Time Out heard about a salon that offers to simultaneously tame your tresses while filling you with healing energy, we can’t say we were that surprised. Geordie lass and reiki practitioner Sharon Bland first used her healing hands to help a client as a favour. But word quickly got around and believe it or not, it was demand that convinced Bland to start administering reiki treatments alongside your run-of-the-mill cut and blow dry.

My visit to the salon began with a calming pot of green tea, before the chatty and personable Bland massaged a treatment into my dry, split end-sullied hair. While waiting for the treatment to do its thing I had my first experience of reiki. Bland prefers to do the spiritual stuff before the hair cut, explaining that you need a few minutes to collect yourself afterwards. She reckons you are best off being spaced out while having your hair done, rather than on the drive home.
Bland warned me that the healing energy she was going to channel into me could have all sorts of effects. Reiki is described as a holistic therapy, bringing about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Apparently I might feel high, low, or nothing at all.

The sceptic in me expected the latter. However, in the 20 minutes that Bland spent with her hands placed on my head and chest, I was surprised to feel a forewarned-of warmth and fuzziness. Although, that might have been pins and needles from sitting in the same position for so long.

In the end, I got a perfectly good hair cut and silky smooth locks. And while I’m dubious about the merits of reiki, it was all very pleasant and relaxing. Bland gave me a call a few days later to check I’d reacted OK to the ‘energy’, so it was nice to have a post-haircut chat, too.
Reiki haircut, SJB Salon, Al Nasr Leisureland, Oud Metha (04 335 4993; Treatments from Dhs50, cut and style from Dhs180.

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