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It’s summer, which means one thing to most women: poodle hair

Extenso cera thermic treatment

Sacrifice: Eating for a month.

The claim: A permanent straightening system, it should remove any curl and 90-100 per cent of frizz.

The skinny: This treatment really does de-frizz. It also de-curls – so wavy-hair lovers should avoid it. As hair straightener fans, we were pleased it left our hair to dry naturally straight and frizz-free. The treatment isn’t great for your hair (bleached blondes or those with damaged hair can’t have the treatment as it could cause breakage), but with little subsequent need for hot appliances, we like to think our hair will thank us for it in the long run. This treatment really does work, and by cutting down our styling time (by up to 70 per cent, apparently), it gives us an extra 30 minutes in bed in the morning.
Jen’s Hair Studio, White Crown Building, Sheikh Zayed Road (04 331 1425; Treatment costs Dhs1,750-3,300, depending on hair length.

X-Tenso smoothing service

Sacrifice: A new pair of shoes.

The claim: A curl relaxation/frizz reduction treatment, it should help de-frizz up to 70 per cent without making your hair pin straight.

The skinny: This simple treatment takes around an hour in total – time that we filled with the arduous task of reading magazines and sipping coffee. We did see a noticeable difference afterwards as our hair felt incredibly smooth – but we figured your hair always feels good after a visit to the salon, and so held our judgement until we’d been exposed to Dubai’s humid heat, and the first wash. And this is where it went wrong. Our hair looked and felt no different from before the treatment; if anything, after leaving our hair to dry naturally, it actually appeared frizzier. Although when we straightened it or added any sort of curling product, it did hold its shape.
Jen’s Hair Studio. Treatment starts at Dhs500, and depends on hair length.

L’Oreal Elvive anti-frizz shampoo, conditioner and serum

Sacrifice: Taxis for the bus.

The claim: Provides ‘long-lasting smoothness, which resists humidity’.

The skinny: This one has got to be the easiest of the bunch to do – simply swap your usual shampoo and conditioner for these anti-frizz ones and apply the serum when your hair is wet. So that’s what we did. But we may as well not have bothered. During the day, even in an air-conditioned building, our hair resembled that of Tina Turner’s. The serum, however, produced a better result. Our hair had a distinct gloss and was definitely sleeker; but, we figure, putting any kind of shiny, gloopy stuff on your hair is bound to have this affect – so it’s nothing groundbreaking.
Available at most supermarkets, beauty shops and department stores. Cost Dhs66.

Egg and mayo homemade treatment

Sacrifice: Your dignity.

The claim: These ingredients are supposed to be great natural conditioners for your hair, therefore aiding in frizz reduction.

The skinny: Egg and mayo seem better suited for a sandwich than a head of hair, and yet we spent a recent evening mixing the strange plaster for our head. Once it formed the consistency of conditioner (although smellier and gloopier), we smeared it on with our hands (a strangely enjoyable experience). We then put a shower cap over our hair, and proceeded to be pointed at and ridiculed by our flatmates for 30 minutes, after which point we were free to wash the gloop out.

It was a bit tricky to get the mixture off, and required a bit of time to wash off the smell of sulphur (as the warm water quickly makes the egg cook). But, once washed off and dried, our hair did feel noticeably softer and smoother. It was put to the de-frizz test when we danced the night away in the outdoor area of Chi – and it failed. Egg and mayo is just no match for the heat of a Dubai summer and jigging on an alfresco dance floor.
Available at your local fridge. Cost approximately Dhs10.

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