Fortissimo skin tightening

It sounds like a bit of a painful procedure but this beauty treat made our reviewer fell radiant and refreshed

Fortissimo skin tightening

I’m 24 years old. Therefore I couldn’t help but be insulted by the recommendation from my skin therapist at Elche that I have the skin tightening treatment. Pushing my ego to one side, I laid back, reassuring myself that I was in well-trained hands (all the therapists are from Hungary, where, apparently, beauty training is taken very seriously). She set to work with her gentle hands massaging products across my face, décolletage and shoulders.

She described every product to me – from a cleanser and moisturiser, to a peel and a mask – each 100 per cent organic and some based on 50-year-old formulas. I know the mask she used certainly smelled 50 years old. The other products smelled pleasant enough, though, and felt cooling on the skin.

I was soon in a blissful state of relaxation, but was rudely awoken by the evil machine that, apparently, was going to tighten my skin. The wand sent electronic pulses shooting through my face and it was as unpleasant as it sounds. Around the delicate eye area was a particular sore point, also the forehead zapping made me feel like my hair was being pulled out from the inside of my skull, and around the mouth it made my teeth go on edge.

I must admit, though, my skin did look radiant and refreshed afterwards. Whether it was tighter or not I’m unsure, but I think if I were to ever threaten it with the zapping machine again, it would certainly be scared stiff.

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