Repeat after's not that hot

If there isn’t a holiday in sight, the summer can seem like an eternity in Dubai. We’ve compiled the 25 mantras you must repeat to see you through the stickiest of days

1 It can’t get any hotter. Life from this point on will be a breeze.

2 It is very expensive in Europe at the moment. I wouldn’t want to go there anyway.

3 I don’t pay tax. Therefore I am richer.

4 My rent is cheaper than it was last year.

5 Brunches are inside.

6 It’s not raining.

7 Air travel can be deadly and I’m saving a fortune in tickets.

8 My office has air conditioning.

9 The humidity is kind of like a free facial steam.

10 It’s easy to get a taxi.

11 There’s a lot less traffic.

12 The office is very quiet.

13 Everything is in the sale.

14 I can do Bikram yoga for free.

15 I don’t have to entertain visitors. Nobody wants to come and see me until the winter.

16 I am catching up on a LOT of DVDs, thereby making myself more knowledgeable.

17 My washing machine boil washes everything for me, which means my clothes are extra clean.

18 I can make myself seem like a hero by telling family and friends at home exactly how hot it is. They know nothing.

19 It is too hot to walk to the shop. I will save money and lose weight in one go.

20 I have three months to experiment with new up ‘dos. Who wants to wear their hair down anyway?

21 I can improve my swimming skills. It’s cool in the water.

22 I can read more and emerge a well-rounded person in the winter.

23 I can go to the gym more, to prevent myself from being too well-rounded in the winter.

24 I will clean my own house. It’s cool inside.

25 I will chuck out some stuff, and sell it at Dubai Flea Market. By the winter, I will be rich.

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