The Nap Bar opens in Dubai

Time Out Dubai has news of The Nap Bar opening in Dubai, Al Quoz, sure to be one of the most relaxing places in Dubai. It is an activation for Design Days

We've all wondered if a little afternoon snooze would actually help productivity in the long run. Certainly, if our website analytics are anthing to go by, you all switch off from work in the mid-afternoon anyway!

But throughout March there is a spot in Al Quoz that will welcome you with open arms - and give you a nice big fluffy hug.

Aptly named The Nap Bar, the pop-up by Smarin will offer those with heavy eyes a perfect place to rest their head for as long as they wish.

"I had the idea for the Nap Bar because when I'm walking in big cities, sometimes I take a break with a coffee but actually I need more of a real break," says founder Stephanie Marin.

The whole package - which is free to enjoy - includes the rather comical looking pillow and poncho combo, as well as relaxing drinks and lullabies.

Open from 10am-7pm, The Nap Bar (located at Zumbotel Lighting warehouse) is open to all, and if your boss can be convinced, whole group bookings are welcome; a slumber party. Literally.

The initiative is part of the Artroom, Collective Loft exhibition which is curated by Antidote Art & Design, and will showcase Smarin's ingenious furniture which is geared towards the ultimate in relaxation.

These include 'Dunes', contoured foam bed-like chairs, Kairos lights which flit on and off in line with an encouraged breathing pattern, and several types of mobile designed to lull you to sleep.

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