Hidden Brunch at Tesoro

Upbeat atmosphere, tasty pan-Asian grub and a fun-loving crowd at this party brunch


If it were possible to correctly spell out the sound of pumping house music (we’re going to go out on a limb and go with: “mmb tss”), then this brunch could probably be summed up by just that alone.

In short, Hidden Brunch is heaving. It’s loud (dare we admit almost too loud in places?) and it’s one of the liveliest Friday brunches around. It’s no wonder, given that it’s the sister of Dubai Marina’s famous WeBrunch, which was nominated as one of the city’s Best Party Brunches at Time Out Dubai’s 2018 Music & Nightlife Awards.

We’re not too sure why it’s called Hidden Brunch, as it’s fairly prominent, taking place across two venues at the Taj Dubai in Business Bay. It’s housed in Tesoro – a venue that at night transforms into funky Asian restaurant Miss Tess – and Treehouse, which, currently in a glass tent, will be returning to all its open-air-Burj-Khalifa-viewing glory later this summer.

Expect to see glamorous Dubaians donning their gladrags and getting ready for a three-hour brunch that has the possibilty of you ending up home later than anticipated.

The reason for that is because this brunch has a little bit of everything – both in terms of food and ambience. If you’re after some lively larks, head inside to Tesoro/Miss Tess, where a bunch of spectacular pan-Asian grub awaits. As do confetti cannons. So far, so party brunch.

There are plenty of exotic mixed drinks on the menu, with short measures regularly passing by, but, perhaps surprisingly for a party brunch, it’s the food that really steals the show as far as we’re concerned.

The fresh and tasty sushi is a standout, and we’re thrilled with the unending supply of sashimi, maki and nigiri so readily available admid the blaring music and aforementioned flurries of confetti.

If you eat so much of it that you worry you might actually turn into a California roll, there’s also plenty of other Asian food at the buffet. The creamy Thai green curry and the veggie noodles are definitely worth a shout. Not in a noodle mood? There’s a roast station, sliders and plenty of other options if you’re after Western cuisine, too.

Risking looking like some someone’s grandparents, we tentatively ask for the speaker next to our table to be turned down a smidge. But the team are happy to help, as they are all afternoon. The drinks service is swift, empty plates are cleared quickly and the waiters are keen to help make sure you get maximum value for money – helpful since after-brunch in Treehouse can get pretty pricey, pretty quickly.

If you’re after some banging party vibes, plenty of “mmb tss”, top food, some mixed drinks, plus a dusting of confetti and plenty of sparklers, you’re in for an absolute treat.

The bottom line
Business Bay’s Friday party central.

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