The Hive Brunch at Warehouse

Warehouse’s buzzing brunch has a party vibe, but don’t go for the food

The Hive Brunch at Warehouse
The Hive Brunch at Warehouse Image #2

The Hive brunch at Warehouse is a party brunch in the way you’d hope – in that it’s far more about the former than the latter. Advance warning – don’t come for the food. But the party’s why we’re here, ultimately, and we’re not disappointed with the fun vibe and top selection of drinks.
The longstanding spot in Garhoud throws an all-out shingdig every Friday – and it’s a great one. And it’s worth booking a spot ahead of time as it fills up pretty quickly.

Entertainment is booming, if a little loud (do we sound like your nan?), thanks to an acoustic singer playing everthing from Ed Sheeran to The Black Keys, while performers dance around the packed venue.

The vibe is, aptly, buzzing, with people of all ages filling up both the huge venue’s spacious ground floor and upper level. Brunchers are out to have a good time and everyone’s enjoying themselves.

Before heading into the main area, we’re treated to a row of decked out tropical bars serving a range of nifty mixed drinks, giving us a little taste of the rest of the beverages to come. We’re then escorted upstairs to where the real party is about to kick off and we’re shown to our table and the drinks menu, which holds a massive list of inventive mixed options.

Service is fast, friendly and efficient and we’re never left with an empty glass or dirty plate.

The staff at Warehouse are constantly at the top of their game, and should definitely be noted as providing some of the best service we’ve encounted at a brunch.

As for the food? It’s not quite on the same level. While there’s everything on offer from sliced lamb to chicken wraps, burgers, sushi, sashimi and dim sum, it doesn’t matter what you go for, most of it seems have been sitting out at the buffet for far too long.

A chicken curry is so bland it remains virtually untouched on our plates, which is a similar situation to most other dishes.

Staple comfort foods, such as chips and chicken biryani, fare better, but for Dhs259 it’s a disappointing spread compared  to other party brunches.

That being said, while associating “fresh” with some of its food would be criminal, Warehouse’s beverage selection and upbeat atmosphere, brimming with quirky and fun perks including a man in a top hat walking around on stilts, is certainly entertaining.

Before heading home, we make a brief trip to the dancefloor for the post-brunch party and happy hour, where everyone is trying to match the moves of the dancers.

We are reminded once more why this brunch keeps everyone coming back, even if its food isn’t quite up to scratch.
Dhs259 (house beverages). Fri 1pm-4pm. Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Garhoud (04 217 0000).

The bottom line
Go for the vibe, not the food.

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