Friday Brunch at Double Decker

Once famed brunch in a sizeable British watering hole with a traditional pub garden

Friday Brunch at Double Decker
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One of many reasons Dubai loves to brunch is the plethora of cuisines all under one roof. Fajitas next to fish and chips? Why not? Burgers with a side of chocolate mousse? We’ll give it a go.

Double Decker’s Friday Brunch is no different. While there isn’t much on the menu to make it stand out, it’s the quality of the party at a bargain price that makes it worthy of a visit.

Set in the Roda Al Murooj Hotel, Downtown Dubai, longstanding watering hole Double Decker has all the makings of a quaint English pub in summer.

There’s even a welcoming outdoor garden with plenty of seating and an open grill (although the grill is a little too active, we end up having to sit inside to avoid the heavy, meaty, smoky plumes).

Indoors the sizeable venue has all the qualities of a cosy pub – including being kitted out with English-style signs and decorations revolving around bus stops in London (hence the name), a grand wooden interior, large couches and two lengthy bars to top up your drinks in a jiffy.

Not that we need to head over there, as the waiters are always on point when drinks are needed. Service is swift and efficient.

This brunch, which used to be a go-to spot in the past, is now labelled as a party brunch, but it doesn’t really get into gear until just over halfway through.

This does give us time to chat and let our food settle, but in comparision to the all-singing, all-confetti-cannoning party brunches this city has to offer, it’s more on the laid-back, bar brunch side.

Nevertheless, once the decent live band kicks off with some upbeat tunes the vibe picks up. There are also games to keep you entertained, including giant Jenga and hops pong, which add to the fun atmosphere.

Double Decker’s four-hour time frame is also a good selling point, especially as the Friday brunch comes in at a pocket-friendly Dhs250.

As for food, everything that is freshly made is piping hot. Highlights include a indulgently creamy pasta dish and a live fajita cooking station. The Mexican flavours flying out of here exceed expectations and hit the spot.

Other dishes are less successful, however. Burgers with colourful buns, although fun and quirky, are fairly flavourless and lukewarm at best, while the lamb stew is way too watery, with chunks of greying meat swimming in an unappetising gravy.

Starters are tasty and prettily presented enough (strangely a lot of them are on sticks, sadly no pineapple cheese combos, though), but it’s all lacking in variety. The best options are the few salads and fruit dishes on offer.

Fight your way through that aforementioned smoke in the garden, however, and you’ll be rewarded with richly flavoured beef and lip-smackingly tender chicken. Set your sights firmly on this station and you’re in for a satisfying afternoon.

Despite being a mainstayer on the Downtown brunch scene, there’s nothing really stand-out about Double Decker. But for
Dhs250 you’ll have a good time nonetheless.Dhs220 (ladies, house beverages) Dhs250 (men, house beverages). Fri noon-4pm. Roda Murooj Hotel, Downtown Dubai (04 321 1111).

Once famed brunch in a sizeable British watering hole with a traditional pub garden

For the grilled meats, selection of freshly cooked dishes and party games

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