Friday Brunch at The Fish House

A brunch for the fish-lovers at The Fish House in Festival City

Friday Brunch at The Fish House
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we’re hungry with a hankering for fish, and it’s with single-minded determination that we head down to the Creek to satisfy these seafood cravings.

We arrive at the fruitful waters, roll up our sleeves – and direct our cab straight over the bridge to the InterContinental Festival City (you didn’t think we were actually going to catch them ourselves, did you?).

With The Fish House restaurant perched on the waterfront level of the hotel, the only thing you’ll be casting out is your eyes – across the beautiful dining room and onto the stunning creek beyond.

Light streams in from floor-to-ceiling windows onto clean and bright interiors, with white tiles covering the walls, while wooden tables and floors add a nice modern feel.

The brunch menu includes an array of sharing starters, a choice of á la carte mains, an unlimited shellfish bar and ceviche station and a shared dessert platter.

Highlights from the starters include some smashing glazed salmon skewers. We also enjoy the mini fish sliders with crispy battered cod and some interesting crab quesadillas slathered in fresh guacamole.

For the main event you can choose from a menu including grilled red snapper sayadieh (which is a rice dish), served with spicy tomato sauce, fried onions, walnuts and parsley, grilled seabream with rice, a seafood pasta dish and a T-bone steak, bizarrely.

For us the standout dish is the grilled seabream. The fish, which comes as whole, is perfectly cooked, expertly filleted and stuffed with a herby pesto that seeps through the flesh. The delicate flakes of juicy white fish melt in the mouth, and the crispy skin is well-seasoned and wonderfully-charred.

It’s among one of the best seafood dishes we’ve had in Dubai, and we’re somewhat embarrassed when our table is cleared and a stray fish head and a throroughly picked-at tail are all that remain of the carcass.

The shellfish bar offers some sizable prawns, a couple of different ceviches and unlimited oysters – which is great value if you’re that way inclined.

Whatever you do, make sure you leave room for dessert. We wouldn’t consider ourselves to have a sweet tooth normally, but when the dessert platter arrives we shame ourselves (once again) with our gusto.

The tahini cheesecake is massive and the buttery crumbly base balances a mound of creamy tahini and sweet cheese topping.

The double fudge chocolate brownie is another highlight, while the watermelon slices lessen some of the guilt at what we’ve so fervently consumed.

Throughout the meal we enjoy excellent live music from a talented guitarist and singer who plays feel-good music from Jason Mraz to Florence and the Machine. It gets our toes-tapping and carries the vibe of the brunch.

The only downfall to the afternoon is the lack of other diners. It’s really rather empty, which is a massive shame given the quality of food and the gorgeous setting.

We can’t help but wonder if the location puts some would-be diners off visiting, but to let laziness get the better of you in this instance would be a crying shame.

For foodies looking for fresh seafood it really can’t be beaten, and with fish cravings satisfied (and suger levels through the roof), we leave like the cats who got the cream – or should we say catch.
Dhs190 (soft drinks), Dhs290 (house beverages), Dhs340 (bubbly). Fri 12.30pm-3.30pm. InterContinental Festival City, Dubai Festival City (04 526 0461).

A brunch for the fish-lovers at The Fish House in Festival City

The grilled seabream main is completely out of this world

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