The Seagrill Bistro Brunch

A swanky seafood brunch on The Palm

The Seagrill Bistro Brunch
The Seagrill Bistro Brunch Image #2

We've brunched around the city and seen it all – the good, the bad and even the downright ugly. But with Seagrill you’ll have no fears about the latter.

In fact, Seagrill has taken all of the best things about Dubai and combined them into one pretty special Friday soirée. Glorious sunshine? Bask in it on the terrace. Tasty and well presented  dishes? The seafood platter is a work of art. Fancy surroundings? You don’t get much better than a man-made island shaped like a palm tree.

On arrival at Fairmont The Palm, you’ll be led through weaving corridors and detours through other restaurants to the relatively recently relocated restaurant (it used to be on the other side of the hotel). But when you do reach the venue, you’ll be pleased you went to the effort.

The restaurant is light and airy with whitewashed furniture and colourful pillows. It’s all very modern and clean looking and a venture outside causes our spirits to soar even further.

Although the views from main outdoor dining area are a bit obstructed by parasols and foliage, the blue skies are dreamy, and a venture around the corner patio, where there is also seating, will allow you to see out across the sands (just try to ignore the construction).

A glance at the menu causes alarm. The prospect of choosing between roasted chicken and baked sea bass is not a decision we want to make – but fortunately nor do we have to. If you’re looking to try the majority of the menu this brunch is for you.

First out comes a statuesque seafood platter, featuring a full crab balanced delicately atop a bed of smoking ice.

There’s also a heap of fresh clams with a tasty salsa, a pile of mussels and some massive meaty langoustines.

It’s delicious, and goes perfectly with an accompanying beetroot and goat’s cheese salad and a slab of creamy burrata.

The next round of starters is a foie gras crumble, breaded crab cakes and some other picky bits, which don’t last very long (in testament to their flavour, rather than portion size, which is very generous).

The mains are delicious and the roast chicken comes with a boat-full of gravy that will give your granny a run for her money.

The sea bass is also deliciously flaky and the roasted vegetables are crisp and flavoursome.

Service is brilliant and you can re-order as many dishes as you like. Staff are happy to indulge our fruit cravings with skewers of berries, melon and kiwi, although the huge wedges of chocolate cake also look appealing.

This Mediterranean Friday feast on the Palm is certainly worth a visit, especially if you’re a seafood fan. Get it on your to-brunch list, pronto.

A swanky seafood brunch on The Palm

For the seafood platter

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