Friday night brunch at Waka

Peruvian-fusion Friday night brunch

Friday night brunch at Waka
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Chocolate ice cream lollipops, truffle mushroom quinotta, crunchy quinoa sliders… There are plenty of playful plates on Waka’s brunch menu. Even the Wakamole shares a name with a retro arcade game – and it’s a hit.

This time, we’re setting the scene with the food because at this Peruvian-fusion restaurant that’s exactly what takes centre stage. Brunch is served à la carte, with the option to punt for more starters, one choice of main and a sharing pudding.

As soon as we sit down in the quirky dining room, next to a glass wall that peers onto the long, polished rose gold bar, we’re greeted with a beaming smile from our waitress. She’s quick to suggest a glass of grape, before asking whether we’ll take still or sparkling and, eventually, if we’d like the menu.

Clutching a glass of grape, we cast a hungry eye over the menu, which serves as more of a ceremonial action as we inevitable yelp: “We’ll take the lot”. All in the name of research, once again.

There’s barely anytime to soak in the surroundings – a separate dining and drinking area with exposed brickwork over the well-stocked bar and a mix of cosy and large tables – before the food rolls out. It begins with the aforementioned Wakamole, that’s smoky guacamole under the guise of a fun pun. The homemade chips don’t stand a chance.

Up next, the del Mercado ceviche is so good it’s ordered twice – seabass chunks in a zingy, spicy tomato sauce with crunchy kernels of corn.

Sushi and mini quinoa burgers are served alongside freshly baked corn empanadas. As we fill up, so does the restaurant: a mix of couples on date night, families staying in the hotel and weekend revellers celebrating a birthday, so the vibe is fun and upbeat.

Mains of a creamy mushroom risotto made with quinoa and barbecued half chicken only continue to elevate the night.

And, by the time the DJ spins between Beyoncé, The Fugees and Michael Jackson we’re chompingon ice cream in a chocolate casing thinking about how we can’t wait to book another play date with this inventive and creative brunch.

Peruvian-fusion Friday night brunch

The food, the service, the playfulness, the ceviche

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