Crab Market Brunch

A sophisticated seafood brunch in DIFC

Crab Market Brunch
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It’s with visions of rolling up our sleeves and smashing our way through shell, leg and pincer that we head down to Crab Market’s Friday brunch, cracking our knuckles with greedy anticipation.

The difficulty starts early on with the search for the restaurant, and upon eventual location we’re absolutely ravenous.

The DIFC restaurant is bustling – which is excellent for the atmosphere but not so welcome in terms of service, which is slow.

By the time starters arrive we could have ventured down to Jumeirah and caught the things ourselves. Luckily things take an upturn thanks to a truly wondrous cauliflower carpaccio – a quartet of words we never imagine we’d be uttering.

Slices of white and purple cauliflower lay delicately atop a mound of cream, which has had a liberal furnishing of truffle. It’s excellent, and we fervently mop up every last trace with thick slices of warm crusty bread.

There are also a few welcome tartare dishes and some smashed (sliced) cucumbers that are nice enough, but we’re anticipating round two – the all-you-can-eat crab platter.

Sadly, it’s all a bit of a let down. Salad is basically a bowl full of iceberg lettuce (why?), soft shell sliders consist of a batter scrap wedged in a white bun, and the measly little mud crab legs are hidden beneath an impressive-looking – yet meatless – shell. Sushi is nice enough, but it’s not what we came for.

You can repeat this course as many times as you like, but honestly, you wouldn’t want to.

Onto the mains and a selection from a varied menu. The octopus tentacle is a whopper and if it wasn’t so delicious-looking we’d consider using it as a lasso for our ever-absent waiter.

It’s perfectly cooked and we silently applaud ourselves for our restraint. The crispy outer layer gives way to tasty, meaty flesh within, and it’s devoured with gusto. Ravioli with burrata and black truffle is as dreamy as it sounds, with fresh pasta parcels parting exquisitely to reveal the creamy cheese within.

Portion size is perfectly rational, which is a gift given our lack of self-control and our desire to try the desserts.

The said puds are wheeled around on a dessert trolley, which is retro but not unwelcome, and homemade cakes include tiramisu, honey cake, and strawberry mille feuille. The best part? You can have as much as you like. And it’s all delicious.

It’s a decent brunch, at an affordable price point, but we’d expect more of the namesake crustaction – both in terms of variety and amount.

That being said, with a few tweaks to the menu Crab Market could claw it back.

A sophisticated seafood brunch in DIFC

For the cauliflower carpaccio – no joke

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