A new taxi system is set to make getting home from events much easier

It will mean shorter queues at concerts and major events

A new taxi system is set to make getting home from events much easier

Getting home from big events across the city is about to get an awful lot easier, following major plans announced by the RTA.

The Smart Time Management System is a new initiative being rolled out at major events (with the RTA estimating that some 500 major events take place every year across the city), which uses a range of technologies to monitor the length of queues coming out of events, the number of people needing a taxi, what service is required and more.

With so many events taking place every year, the RTA hopes the new system will move Dubai towards becoming the smartest city in the world. Cameras and remote computers will be used to monitor events, the stream of people flowing out of each event, and to keep tabs on how many taxis are available in the area.

Screens will be placed at the start, middle and end of a queue coming out of concerts, exhibitions and more to help keep an eye on how many visitors need a cab, and you can also leave your feedback to let them know how the system is working.

Information is then sent off to a control centre to help make sure taxis are en route, and that congestion is alleviated on the roads surrounding major hubs.

The system has already been tested at the Dubai World Trade Centre on two different events spanning a total of seven days. The end result, according to the RTA, is nearly 12,000 passengers getting home quicker from major shows and events – at an average of roughly 1,700 passengers per day. A trial was also held at The Dubai Mall, and results of each trial run showed a drop in waiting time for taxi riders.

Once the system has been fully rolled out for all mega-events taking place in the city, getting to and from them will become markedly easier.

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