Learn a second language for free in Dubai

Try the 30-day Arabic, Spanish or French challenge

Learn a second language for free in Dubai

Being able to speak a second language in a multicultural city like Dubai has its benefits – just think of how many sensational dishes you’re actually missing off your favourite Indian restaurant’s menu.

However, not all of us have the extra money to splash out on the lessons for them.

Well, The Golden Age Institution in JLT are here to save the day, and your ordering, by offering a 30-day free language challenge. Yes, free.

The first-ever language challenge to hit the UAE will start this Saturday, September 15, and will run through to Sunday, October 14.

You will have the option to choose one of three languages to focus on during your challenge: Arabic, French or Spanish.
You will get a one-hour free class per week taught by a qualified native speaker.

On top of this, there will be a variety of fun tasks and daily online activities to complete. For every activity you complete and post to social media, you will earn participation points.

The more activities you do the more points you earn and at the end of the challenge, whoever has the most points, will win more free language courses.

Golden Age Institute’s managing director Khaled Boudemagh even says learning a second language could have life-saving health benefits.

He says, “Research shows that learning a second language will reduce the risk of contracting alzheimer’s.

“We encourage you to do the daily task, whether it’s for five minutes a day or more. Just be consistent and you will improve.”

The lessons will touch on several different themes within your chosen language, teaching you the basics for everyday use and introducing you to some of the cultural aspects to enhance your overall experience.

All you have to do is register online, do your daily activity and get your foreign conversation on.

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