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Do you feel as though your goals are out of reach? Individual coaching and corporate consulting professional Neriska Budhal, 27, is convinced she can help you achieve your ambitions, simply by helping you change your mindset. All you need to do is invest in a copy of Napoleon Hill’s self-help book Think and Grow Rich and attend one of her Think and Grow Rich Mastermind groups, which are free and take place every week. Hmm.

‘We’ve had a couple of housewives start their own businesses, we’ve had small business owners expand and grow their business – there was one small business owner from the UK and she managed to take her business from Dhs10,000 a month to Dhs40,000 within three to four weeks,’ the South African lifestyle coach explains.

In the current economic climate, where many people are clinging onto jobs they don’t necessarily enjoy for fear they won’t find other employment, Budhal reveals many of her clients feel more hopeless about ever landing dream jobs or other means of creating wealth. ‘The most common challenge we hear from people is about the economy,’ she nods, ‘but people really need to start paying attention to what this means for them individually. They need to start being more strategic and intelligent about the way they live their lives – it’s actually a time for people to get creative and become aware of their choices.’ Far from resigning themselves to a life and career with which they’re unsatisfied, Budhal explains this is the time to step off the hamster wheel for a moment and examine the road you’re on. ‘People need to look at how they’ve been living their lives up until this point, and where they see themselves in the next 10, 20 or 30 years. Are they on track towards achieving what they want? If the answer is no, they need to look at what changes are necessary to get back on the right path.’

Once you’ve acknowledged that you need to make a change, attending one of Budhal’s free Think and Grow Rich Mastermind groups may help you work out how to go about improving your fortunes. ‘The first thing we do with everyone is look at their goals: we use a six-step process to identify exactly what it is people want. After that, it’s up to them to decide what they are willing to give in return. For example, if someone wanted to lose weight, the question would be “are you prepared to make that commitment, to join a gym?”. In terms of business and success, we look at what skills you’ll need to reach your goal.’

For some people, the biggest hurdle to overcome is a lack of self-belief. ‘We talk a lot about your faith, your belief in yourself – we want people to say, “Yes, I can do this,” because a lot of people look at other people’s success and say, “Wow, it’s great you can do that, but I don’t have the resources, I don’t have what it takes,” and that’s just not true,’ she explains. She cites examples such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs, neither of whom attended college, along with Richard Branson and Tom Cruise, both of whom overcame dyslexia. ‘They found a way, so all you need to figure out is whether you want it badly enough.’

We’re unsure whether all of Bedhal’s clients will become millionaires, but her role in empowering people to make a change and lead a happier, more fulfilling life seems worthy enough. ‘A lot of people are unhappy in their jobs – they just see it as a way to pay bills, it’s not something they enjoy. A lot people have passions, talents, things they’re good at, but they just don’t have the strategic thinking to market and position themselves to make money from it. It’s all about giving them that awareness.’

The next free Think and Grow Rich Mastermind session is on January 22 at 7pm at The Pavilion, Downtown Dubai (055 992 8687).

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