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An environmentally friendly lifestyle isn’t restricted to recycling soda cans

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As Dubai’s new Green Car Rental agency begins leasing the world’s most impressive green supercar, Holly Sands learns how an environmentally friendly lifestyle isn’t just restricted to recycling your soda cans.

When it comes to saving the environment, putting your cans, bottles and cardboard in the correct recycling bins is certainly a step in the right direction. But there’s plenty more you can do. Dubai is becoming more environmentally conscious by the minute: read on to learn how else you can make better choices for the planet, and the future of your children’s children.


Green Car Rental
This new company gives both environmentally conscious residents and tourists in Dubai the opportunity to hire either hybrid or fully electric cars. And it’s not just dinky ‘hippy’ cars on offer – the range includes the BMW X6, the Tesla Roadster electric supercar and, most recently, the hybrid Fiskar Karma (pictured below). The latter, named luxury car of the year by Top Gear, has a range of 300 miles when fully charged and, in battery mode, can give drivers up to 100 miles to the gallon. Green Car Rental is the only place you can currently rent one in Dubai. The drawback? Though the starting rates for basic models are pretty reasonable, you’ll be looking at more than Dhs3,000 per day for one of the more impressive vehicles.
From Dhs300 per day. Sheikh Essa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, www.greencardubai.com (04 358 8488).

So you’ve got the green car, but how do you clean it without contributing to the city’s water wastage problems? In Sharjah, residents who are seen using excessive water when washing their car are now being
fined. In Dubai, pop over to Ecowashme, which cleans entire cars using only 250ml of water – that’s less than a can of Coke.
Various locations, www.facebook.com/ecowashme (04 801 9001).

Horse power
A sustainable city currently being built in Dubai will step back in time and offer horse transportation to residents, as well as solar-powered vehicles. Ambitious? You bet. But rumour has it the area will be highly exclusive – which usually translates as ‘expensive’. It’s expected to be complete in 2016.


Little Bu
Though originally intended for kids, Little Bu’s toxic-free nail polishes are great for environmentally conscious adults. The brand doesn’t test on animals, and you can either opt for a wash-off coat of colour, or add a protective layer to make your colour last longer.
From Dhs39. Available at The Change Initiative, Sheikh Zayed Road (800 824).

Herbline Essentials
This ayurvedic range of cosmetics uses natural organic ingredients sourced in the Himalayas, and everything it produces is free from parabens and paraffin. Plus, none of the products are tested on animals. Though still new to the UAE, Herbline’s distributors are already eyeing other Middle Eastern markets.
Available at pharmacies across the UAE. www.herbline.com.

This luxury organic range of products has just added a new body crème and hand crème to its repertoire. The range is distributed in the UAE by Sarum Trading, which claims to be committed to distributing organic beauty products in the region, with Sodashi, Suki and Cowshed also under its belt.
From Dhs130. Available at Talise Spa, Madinat Jumeirah (04 366 6818).


This forward-thinking brand uses recycled post-consumer plastic bottles to create material that is made into clothes in factories that have a strict fair-trade policy. Each T-shirt is made using 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester – the latter comes from three plastic bottles. The clothes are designed to be as comfortable as cotton, but are harder-wearing and apparently less prone to shrinking – great news considering it’s impossible to do a cool wash on your machine during Dubai’s summers.
www.dgradeclothing.com (055 549 8763).

My Ex Wardrobe
This organisation holds regular events where people can buy and sell second-hand clothes and accessories, providing they’re in good condition. The new website will soon give members the chance to browse the many items for sale online. Until then, keep an eye on the Facebook page for details of the next pop-up shopping event.
www.facebook.com/myexwardrobe, www.myexwardrobe.com.

Philippine Community Fund
Abu Dhabi’s Recycle For A Cause initiative collects plastic bags and soft drink ring pulls on behalf of the Philippine Community Fund, which gives the materials to skilled men and women to turn into a source of income – including some highly impressive jewellery. Local green organisation Goumbook will soon be selling a number of these products on its website.
www.goumbook.com, www.p-c-f.org.

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