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Dubai's own fashion star Buffi Jashanmal is one of the last people we would expect at find at a knitting club. She tells <em>Time Out</em> all about Knit 'n' Knatter

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Need a new hobby? Buffi Jashanmal is all about the Knit ’n’ Knatter.

So, Knit ’n’ Knatter, what is it?
This project is mainly about raising some cash for City of Hope – the local women’s shelter. The idea is not only to raise the green stuff, but to also get crafting here in Dubai, and stitching is a great way to have a good old gossip with your girlies, and afterwards, you have something fancy to show for it! People are bored with eating and drinking all the time. It was time to come up with a way to hang out, so I got a ball of yarn and a few pairs of needles – and let’s not forget my knitting patterns either – and then along came lots of arty-crafty people.

But Time Out is a little shaky when it comes to knitting…
Fear not; whether you are a beginner, know-it-all, or don’t-have-a-clue-er, you’ll leave this course with the ability to knit, even if it is just a scarf. Hey, we all know someone who lives in a cold country who could benefit from some serious scarf action.

So, give us the lowdown
We are going to spend the next few months together. It’s totally optional peeps, if you are getting too big for your own boots, and fancy yourself as Knitter of the Year, and no longer need my assistance, our banter, or are sick of coffee and cake, it’s no problem. This is not school, it’s just for fun, but doing it for a good cause along the way. The idea is that we all make squares and at the end stitch them up together to make this awesome massive knitted quilt, which will probably function better as a wall hanging. I want it to be huge! When we’re done, we’ll go round Dubai and take snaps of it covering trees, cars, people etc… Just for fun! We’ll get some weird looks and some fun pics at the end of it.

What can people expect?
I’ll teach you some new tricks so you can start getting fancy with your knitting. We’ll meet every Friday at 4pm for a couple of hours, hang out for a bit, stay as long as we want, no pressure! I will be available to help every session and would love to see what everyone is working on. The last few weeks will be more casual, we’ll all have knitting down, but it’ll still be nice to meet up once a week or every other to catch up and see how we are all doing. It’s only for a couple of hours, and it’ll be a nice way to enjoy the afternoon. For the last couple of weeks we should be knitting like mad and getting lots of sponsorship.

So, aside from cakes, coffee, gossip and knitting, what’s the deal?
OK, so the main thing that we are doing, besides coffee drinking, cake munching, oh and knitting (it’s very therapeutic and addictive, I am warning you! I have sat up until 4am saying to myself ‘just one more row, just one more row’ bleary eyed, rocking back and forth on my chair; anyone who walked past my window must have though I was mad! Although, this would have been rather hard, considering I was on the third floor), we are of course raising money for City of Hope. So, it’s about getting sponsored. I’ve got sponsorship forms for any new joiners.

Any words of wisdom?
Don’t be scared to ask people to get involved, take your sponsorship forms to work, friends places etc… If people want to join, give them my email. Drop them under your neighbours doors (I did it already! EEK!), just spread the word.

For more information on meetings, email

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