What to do if you have a car crash in Dubai

Time Out Dubai is your guide to living in Dubai, and as part of our residents' guide we have information on what to do if you have a car crash in Dubai.

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If you break down on a highway, you must always try to pull off the road safely and get away from the car if you can. In the result of a mechanical failure, call a breakdown service (see listings on page 51 for more information). If you’ve been involved in an accident, you must do the following:

• By law, if you have an accident, you must stay with your vehicle, call the police and await their arrival.

• The police will then make a decision over how or whether to move the vehicles.

• Prior to the arrival of the police, get yourself and your passengers to a place of safety off the carriageway – stand behind the barrier or on the pavement.

• Once the police arrive, they will discuss the accident with the drivers involved, and where necessary measure the scene, take photographs and question witnesses or bystanders.

• Based on all these factors and their experienced judgement and training, the senior officer will then decide who the guilty party is, and hand the red (pink) slip to that driver, and the green (no fault) slip to the other driver.

• If the accident is considered serious enough, or involves injuries, loss of life, or driving under the influence, police may warn the relevant driver of the possibility of a prosecution file being opened for the consideration of a court case – or you could even be arrested on the spot.

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