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Five of the most credible pest control companies in Dubai

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As the temperature begins to ratchet up, cockroaches and bedbugs can become a bit of an issue – they love warm, dark and humid places (i.e. inside your home) and reproduce rapidly in these conditions.

A survey carried out last month by Imdaad, a provider of integrated facilities and waste management solutions in the GCC, and ServiceMarket, a UAE portal that connects residents to moving and storage service providers, revealed that nearly 80 percent of pest issues in Dubai revolve around bedbugs and cockroaches. Bedbugs can enter your home on clothing or luggage, so if you do have an infestation, it doesn’t necessarily mean your house is dirty – even hotels can be affected. During the day they hide in dark spaces, fabrics and in cracks in furniture, and at night, they feed exclusively on blood.

If you find yourself with unwanted companions that you need the professionals to get rid of, be sure to choose a company that is licensed by the Dubai Municipality, so the job is done properly and legally. Here’s our pick of just a few.

Dubai Bedbugs
This company has been eradicating the city’s bedbugs for more than 12 years. It has a team of expert staff who can handle your queries and get to the bottom of your infestation. The company will assess and treat your home on the same day without any additional charges. The company suggests that – depending on the severity of the infestation – a maximum of two treatments should kill off the bugs. It also recommends that you vacate the premises for at least eight hours after the treatment.
From Dhs650 to treat a one-bedroom property. Sat-Thu 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-noon. (050 923 4000).

Pro Shield Pest Control Services
This company specialises in using an organic ‘no chemical’ pesticide, which means it’s safe for kids, pets and pregnant women. Pro Shield offers residential and commercial services, and can send someone to assess and treat the problem on the same day with no additional charge.
From Dhs250 to treat a one-bedroom property. Sat-Thu 9am-7pm. (800 73275).

Paramount Pest Control
For the treatment of bedbugs, Paramount uses a spray and inhabitants will need to vacate the property for at least five hours while it gets to work. The company also offers same-day services depending on availability, but generally, customers need to contact the company at least 24 hours in advance. Its charges also relate to the number of people to a property rather than exclusively to the size of the premises.
From Dhs250 per person to treat a one-bedroom property. Sat-Thu 8.30am-5.30pm. (04 223 3956).

Rentokil United Arab Emirates
Rentokil offers services for residential, commercial and hotel clients. Its website is also full of information about how to deal with an infestation, which is worth a read. The company offers a chemical and non-chemical treatment to rid properties of infestation. The chemical treatment requires three visits, since it does not kill eggs, meaning the treatment has to be repeated in case more are laid. It also requires tenants to leave the property for three to four hours after it has been administered. The non-chemical treatment uses heat and does kill eggs, so only one round is required. It’s also safe enough for kids and pets to remain inside the property throughout the service.
From Dhs650 (chemical treatment of a one-bedroom property including three visits), from Dhs2,200 (non-chemical treatment of a one-bedroom property). Sat-Thu 8.30am-5pm. (800 73787).

Jumeirah Pest Control Services
This company offers a variety of services including the eradication of bedbugs, cockroaches and rodents. Jumeirah Pest Control has been operating in Dubai since 1974, so it has extensive knowledge of the emirate’s pests. The company uses a liquid-based spray treatment to exterminate bugs and it recommends staying out of the property for at least four to five hours after the treatment has been administered.
From Dhs500 (including follow-up treatment) to treat a one-bedroom property. Sat-Thu 8am-5pm. (04 396 4721).

Don’t brave bedbugs, banish them for good!

The pros at ServiceMarket share some top tips to help you cope with an infestation and eradicate the problem.

Don’t panic.
Remember, bedbugs feed on blood but they do not carry diseases.

Don’t throw your bed away. There is a high possibility that the bugs have already spread and your new mattress will be infested in no time. Instead isolate the room where the bedbugs are.

Clear the clutter.
Make sure you reduce the hiding spaces to one or two areas. And when cleaning up, be sure to double bag everything.

Treat the problem.
Move all the furniture to one side of the room. Take down everything and set it aside. Mix some vinegar and water to treat the furniture thoroughly, since vacuuming will not pick up the eggs or suck up all the bugs.

Get help.
If you are still waking up with bites, then it’s time to call in the pros.

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