In-demand jobs in Dubai: 27,000 new positions available by 2030

Time Out reports on the most in-demand jobs in Dubai: 27,000 new positions available by 2030 in pharmaceutical, engineering and other sectors

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After Friday’s shock referendum outcome, Brits at home and abroad are living in a bubble of uncertainty about what the future holds.

Even the 17.4 million people who voted out must to some extent be having doubts about whether their decision will end up being the right one.

And here in Dubai, nearly five thousand miles away from London, 100,000 plus British expats are also wondering if their lives will take a different course after Brexit was officially announced.

So rather than more worry and despair, we at Time Out have some positive news to put your mind at rest and to share with your relatives back in Blighty who are considering their future work prospects.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has just launched Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, a brand new initiative to make the city a global platform for knowledge-based and sustainable businesses.

That will result in 27,000 new jobs being created, in fields that aren’t usually associated with the kind of work readily available for expats in Dubai.

In layman’s terms, Dubai is going to become a city that produces as much as it sells, more focused on becoming self-sufficient than it is on importing.

Want to find out if you fit in with these ambitious plans?

These are the six industries that will see a surge in jobs soon:

Pharmaceutical: If you work in the pharma business as a scientist, salesman or any other related position you’ll be delighted to hear that Dubai is looking to buck the GCC trend of importing 80 percent of its pharmaceutical goods. The initial focus will be on the research and development of cosmeceuticals, especially halal products.

Food and Beverage: Walk around any supermarket in Dubai and you’ll notice the huge array of imported products from around the world. In fact, this accounts for 70 percent of F&B across the GCC. If you have experience and qualifications in this field, expect many job opportunities to crop up soon in Dubai, especially for the ever-increasing halal products market.

Aerospace: Dubai’s airport (world’s busiest in terms of international passenger traffic) and Emirates Airlines have already drawn in countless pilots, air traffic controllers and flight attendants from around the globe. HH Sheikh Mohammed’s ambitious new plans will now see engineers and other aeronautical professionals reach Dubai’s shores to work in the manufacture of spare aircraft parts as well as maintenance and repair services. Also expect to see jobs in aviation research and development. Do you have what it takes?

Aluminum and fabricated metals: If industrial production is your game, you’ll be happy to hear that Dubai is also looking to set up factories with which to drastically decrease the reliance on imports and supply its aeronautical industry with materials locally.

Machinery and equipment: Similarly to the field above, in order for Dubai to become more self-sufficient it will need machinery with which to manufacture anything from ship parts to food packaging.

Maritime: Dubai was a port and centre of maritime trade long before its huge financial boom in the 60s but HH Sheikh Mohammed’s plans now include making the city a repair and maintenance hub for ships and other large vessels in the region. Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 also encompasses plans for the manufacture and sale of yachts and other boats.

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