What could soon happen if you don’t pay traffic fines in Dubai

Time Out has news on what could soon happen if you don't pay traffic fines in Dubai – soon you might not be allowed to leave before paying

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Doing a runner to avoid paying UAE traffic fines is a bad idea at the best of times but soon it might be downright impossible.

According to several reports by local media, people with unpaid road fines could soon be prevented from leaving Dubai and the UAE.

The news is based on a recommendation made at a Federal Traffic Council meeting, in which the relevant authorities recommended that expats' passports be linked to their fines in order for them to be stopped at airports, road checkpoints and sea ports.

If approved, the only option will be to pay up. Smart devices and ATMs would be installed at all departure areas, Director of the Council Maj Gen Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen was quoted as saying by Arabian Business.

The council also recommended that drivers should disclose in writing any illnesses that could affect their ability to drive and that authorities should give names of the people suffering from diseases that may hinder driving to the licensing authorities.

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