Free umbrellas have been handed out across Dubai

Dubai Municipality helps residents beat the heat this summer

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Feeling the heat this summer? Well, to help keep Dubaians cool in the scorching summer heat, Dubai Municipality has launched a campaign handing out umbrellas to those venturing in to the sun.

We may do our best to stay out of the sun at this time of year, but for many commuters walking to the Metro station every day, or for workers spending hours out in the sunshine, sometimes it’s just unavoidable.

While the mercury might get close to bubbling, staying out of direct sunlight will help people keep cool, so this initiative is a welcome relief for many residents. More than 1,000 umbrellas have been handed out so far, as the initiative has concurrently run across beaches and parks visitors.

“Dubai Municipality launched an umbrella initiative for everyone in Dubai to protect them from the sun heat, especially people who do not own cars, and their work requires them to walk in the afternoon, where the temperature is high during that period of the year,” Dubai Municipality said on Instagram. “Dubai Municipality distributed more than 1,000 umbrellas to Dubai beach and park visitors who appreciated this initiative and DM’s efforts in protecting their health.”

Check out the video below to see Dubai Municipality employees in action.

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