Dubai Municipality launches water wheelchairs

Mamzar Beach Park initiative aims to improve beach accessibility

Dubai Municipality launches water wheelchairs

Dubai has major aspirations of becoming one of the world’s most accessible cities for people with disabilities, and has been making strides to make various beachfronts more accessible.

The Dubai Municipality has now, through its Instagram account, announced the launch of new, water-friendly wheelchairs aimed at helping people across the beach, and even through the water, so everyone in the city has the chance to take a cooling dip in the sea.

The floating wheelchairs, below, also come with assistance to ensure safe operation, and can be found at Mamzar Beach Park. Access is entirely free for people of determination, waiving the Dhs5 entry fee. Before this, Dubai Municipality installed signs at multiple Dubai beaches which indicate beach access for people of determination.

Earlier this year, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced plans to create a more inclusive society throughout Dubai, and it’s clear that the Municipality has since been doing its level best to make that happen. The inclusion of more beach accessibility is a great touch, and suggests there’s a lot more to come.

Dubai Municipality also released a video earlier this year, demonstrating infrastructural improvements coming to roads, parking, pedestrian wheelchair access, Braille library facilities and more, all as part of its concerted effort to make the emirate as accessible as possible.

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