Six kittens you need to adopt in Dubai right now

These little creatures were abandoned, but now you can give them a forever home

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In case you missed it, last summer we ran a piece raising awareness of the kittens, puppies, dogs and cats in need of adoption in Dubai. Some of these animals are still in need of a home, having found themselves abandoned for any number of reasons.

Having recently spoken with 38Smiles – a wonderful cause that helps rescue abandoned kittens and cats with the aim of bringing them back to full health and finding them a home – we’ve learned of more four legged friends who need your help.

Take Mickey, for example, who needs a lot of love. Mickey is a fully blind little kitten, found when he was five-weeks old and weighing just 250 grams. As you can see, he’s properly adorable, and having fought to survive, he’s now three-and-a-half months old, weighing 1.5kg, is fully vaccinated, microchipped, but most importantly, he’s playful.

He will run, jump and play with you like any normal kitten – being blind hasn’t slowed this little guy down.

Starsky, Hutch, Misha, Pookie and Stella are also up for adoption right now. With the first four having been found abandoned in a box next to a bin several months ago. Found at the age of just two weeks old, the kittens were taken in by one of the 38Smiles team and treated back to full health – and were joined two weeks later by another abandoned kitten, Stella.

All kittens are now five months old, healthy, fully vaccinated and microchipped and ready to find a new permanent home.

If adoption isn’t necessarily right for you, then short-term fostering is definitely a possibility, and with many of 38Smiles’ cats now being indoor cats for their own safety, living in an apartment may not necessarily be prohibitive.

Many of us here at Time Out Dubai have fostered or adopted these kittens, puppies, cats or dogs – and we hope you too are moved to give a permanent home to some of the city’s animals with the most need of help. They have a lot of love to give if you let them in.

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