Win a pair of ASICS GLIDERIDE™

The latest innovation in running shoes
Win a pair of ASICS GLIDERIDE™
ASICS, the Japanese brand, which acronym stands for ‘Anima Sana In Corpore Sano’ = Sound Mind in a Sound Body, wants to inspire you to be healthy and happy through movement, and is offering Time Out readers an opportunity to win a pair of GLIDERIDE™, the latest innovation in running shoes.

The GLIDERIDE™ shoe lets you run longer while expending less energy.

Due to its unique GUIDESOLE™ technology in the sole, it is scientifically proven to save energy and to give runners an experience unlike anything they’ve felt before.

Here is how it works:
Improved cushioning reduces muscle load at foot strike. It does this with a combination of FLYTEFOAM® technology and GEL® technology cushioning.

The stiff forefoot and dynamically curved sole increase running efficiency by reducing the movement of the ankle joint, and a lower degree of ankle flexion means other muscles, such as the calf, do not have to work as hard.

The shoe’s center of mass is closer to the heel, so it’s easier to swing the foot forward. The rolling motion in this shoe actually propels the foot forward for increased efficiency by reducing the forward movement of the ankle.

This means runners can run farther with less effort.