Win a brand-new healthy snack box from Munchbox

Tasty, healthy treats to snack on
Win a brand-new healthy snack box from Munchbox
Munchbox snacks not only have to taste great, but they need to benefit your body or mind in one way or another, so the team makes sure that their snacks abide by at least two of the following claims:

High protein: to keep those muscles lean and healthy.

Keto: for those who are on a keto diet.

Low-carb: for those who want to limit their carb intake.

Low-calorie: for a healthy, low-calorie diet.

Baked not fried: Munchbox makes sure they maintain the flavour by baking to avoid the transfats associated with frying.

Although healthy does not always mean low calorie, Munchbox always strives to make snacks as low-calorie as possible, so far, 30% of snacks are under 149 kcal, and the team is working hard to introduce more and more of those lite snacks while maintaining the great taste.

To win a Munchbox healthy eating snack box, just answer the below question.
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These are the winners:
  • Mr.Ziad Chammas, United Arab Emirates
  • Ms.Sweety Lulla, United Arab Emirates
  • YVI CASILAC, United Arab Emirates
  • Pranay Jain, United Arab Emirates
  • pratik jain, United Arab Emirates
  • Abegaile Candelaria-Baring, united arab emirates

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