A Playful Path by Fadi Attoura: See Dubai’s latest exhibition

Head to The Workshop this week for art that jumps right off the canvas


There’s a wonderfully-baffling exhibition going on in Dubai, which might just leave you puzzling over which way is up.

A Playful Path by Fadi Attoura is currently being exhibited at Fann A Porter gallery at The Workshop and this week (until Friday December 7) is your last chance to have your mind well and truly boggled by the mesmerising works.

The acrylics on canvas explore the carefree traits and innocence of children (though the brood look rather mischievous to us), with optical art effects making it look like they’re about to burst right out of the frame and cause some real rascality.

Attoura was inspired by the toys his own children play with and the drawings and art that they create, leading us to think that artistic genius must run in the family.

The grid-like patterns create an illusion of depth and continuous motion, coupled with seemingly moving figures of impish children.

As the distances between the lines change, the paintings appear to swell and contract in front of the viewer, making for a magnificently dizzying experience.

But as well as portraying the child-like spirit (and muddling our minds in the process), the exhibition is intended to transcend a feeling of hope and virtuosity by depicting an innocent view of the world.

Attoura himself started his art career early, painting for “as long as he can remember”. His works unify the carefree, childlike energy with the formalism of Op art, while drawing influence from the geometric forms and motifs of mosaic designs.

After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University in Damascus, Attoura, who is from Hama in Syria, began exploring abstraction depicting what he saw as happiness, joy and human interaction.

Following that, he decided to return to the study of colour as well as portraiture, slowly moving towards minimalism and attempting to simplify the figures in his art, which brought him to the set of works before you.

We can’t wait to give our heads a good scratch at these ones.
Free. Open daily (until Fri Nov 7) 8am-10pm. The Workshop, Jumeirah, www.the workshopdubai.com (055 136 9454).

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