Dubai's growing theatre scene – The Big Listen

Time Out Dubai speaks to Dubai Opera chief executive Jasper Hope

Dubai's growing theatre scene – The Big Listen

If you've ever had a passing interest in theatre, musicals, operas or the arts in general, you've probably paid a visit to Dubai Opera during your time in the emirate. If you've not, then you most certainly should.

Having been the home to dozens of musicals, operas, theatrical performances, rock gigs, concerts, orchestral ensembles and more in the two-and-a-half-years since its 2016 opening, Dubai Opera came from nowhere to establish itself as the city's premier destination for fans of the arts.

Jasper Hope is the Opera's Chief Executive, and having spent seven years as the Chief Operating Officer at the Royal Albert Hall in London, we spoke to the man himself about taking on the role of launching Dubai Opera, and how he and his team go about bringing world-class productions to Dubai, like Phantom of the Opera, coming to Dubai later this year.

We hear how a massive production comes together, how it's found, booked and what we can hope to see on the Opera's stage later this year.

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