First look: Inside brand-new Candylicious in DXB

Lollipop trees, a giant chocolate bar and a Burj Khalifa cake


The internationally-adorned sweet shop Candylicious has opened in Dubai International Airport – and we’ve had a sneaky peak inside the fizzing, whizzing world.

It’s no surprise that the inside of Candylicious is bursting with bright colours and sweet treats in all different shapes and sizes.

However, in true DXB style, this is no ordinary store as it has been given an entirely different design to the others around the world.

In the middle of the store there is colourful wall inspired by Atlantis The Palm, which leads onto a huge 3D Dubai city.

Lying beneath the famous Candylicious tree, adorned with swirly lollipops and giant candy canes, is a mini city sprawled with Dubai landmarks.

The streets are decorated with purple branched pink gumball trees, macaroon stacks, lollipops and toffee apples.

Meanwhile mini eggs and marshmallows with faces mimic people walking around the city.

Two red jelly beans lie sunburnt (be careful of the city’s sunshine) across from white striped candy cane Ferris wheel – a nod to the world’s biggest wheel being built on Ain Dubai opposite JBR beach.

There’s a pink and white stripped tiered cake replicating the Burj Khalifa, standing tall amongst a Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, a cupcake topped building, a candy cane city of skyscrapers and a mini landing strip with brightly coloured planes and chocolate bars lying around.

While a colossal chocolate bar is teeming with different slabs of the good stuff to enjoy, too.

And that’s all before we’ve even begun with the abundance of crunchy, gooey, chewy, colourful, chocolaty treats and sweets you will find inside.

We won’t spoil the surprise… just head down and see for yourself.
Open 24/7 Concourse B, Terminal 3.

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