Flying home from Dubai for Christmas? Here's how to sleep on the plane

Dubai Fitness First health expert tells you how to nod off in flight

Flying home from Dubai for Christmas? Here's how to sleep on the plane

If, like us, one of your favourite things to do while flying is skipping the whole process by falling asleep, then you’ll know, like us, how frustrating it is when you can’t nod off.

Well, we’ve rounded up five brilliant steps from Dubai’s Fitness First health guru Fernanda Baisch to help ensure you get some shut eye in the sky, as well as places you can unwind in Dubai International Airport beforehand.

Sleep routine
Expert says, “If your flight is at night, try doing all of your evening rituals to help your body get used to its environment. Brush your teeth, change clothes and avoid touching electronic devices. The low light of the aeroplane will help you to fall asleep.”

Why not visit one of marhaba’s lounges, which are present in every terminal. You can shower, change and kick-start your bed-time routine well before boarding.
From Dhs194 (four hours), Dhs63 (additional shower charge in Terminal 1 and 3 only). marhaba lounge, various locations throughout DXB.

Buy a travel pillow
Expert says, “These are great for those who will face long hours sleeping and sitting. The ideal pillow would keep your head and neck in neutral alignment with your spine, so you are not too far forward, or backward, or too far to one side or the other.”

If you’ve forgotten yours, or never owned one in the first place, you can purchase one at Be Relax, which has just rolled out a new collection of four coloured designs.
Dhs139. Be Relax, various locations throughout DXB.

Cover your eyes
Expert says, “Have a mask for the eyes – many airlines provide it as complimentary – and put it on even if you are not sleepy. The dark makes the body produce more melatonin, the sleep hormone.” Grab yours from the accessories section of sleep ’n fly.
Prices vary. sleep ’n fly, Concourse A, Terminal 3.

Expert says, “Stretching is important. Since we spend a long time sitting in one of the least uncomfortbale positions while flying, it is very important to take a moment to stand up and stretch our legs. It makes the blood circulate and stretches our muscles. Focus on stretching and moving your calves, hamstrings and pelvic muscle. This will make you feel better and more comfortable.”

Why not limber up in the comfort of a gym beforehand at the G-Force Health Club in Terminal 3.
From Dhs50 (one hour adults). Dubai International Hotel, Terminal 3.

Eat right to sleep tight
Expert says, “On the day of the flight, it is best to hold off the urge to drink coffee, soda or energy drinks and even abstain from eating chocolate. Meals should be as light and healthy as possible. It is equally important to hydrate yourself with lots of water, juices and soothing teas, like chamomile or fennel. Always try to consume lots of water. Another tip is to minimise the consumption of sodium and salty foods as they can leave you thirstier and lead you to consume liquids faster.”

Luckily, the airport is bursting with places to grab a light meal beforehand. Some of our favourites include Treehouse Juicery, Jones the Grocer, Camden Food Co. and Pret A Manger where there are plenty of healthy and nutritious on-the-go meals to choose from. Happy dozzzing...
Various locations throughout DXB.

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