Dubai Airport is officially the world's busiest

More than 89 million passengers used the international hub last year

Dubai Airport is officially the world's busiest
Dubai Airport is officially the world's busiest Image #2

Dubai International Airport has beaten yet another record after passenger numbers soared to a remarkable 89.1 million last year.

The hub smashed past the eight-million-a-month barrier twice along the way to sealing its place as the world’s busiest international airport for a fifth straight year (8.2 million in July and 8.4 million in August).

In total, 89,149,387 travellers arrived, departed or transited through, marking a one percent increase from 2017.

It comes after the airport passed the one billion passenger count in total during it’s 58-year history in December.

Despite the additional traffic, queue times actually fell by 28 percent. This is largely thanks to DXB’s advanced operations centre which uses real-time information to improve service and efficiency, as well as the smart gates that help speed customers through immigration.

Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths said: “Last year was yet another remarkable year for Dubai Airports.

“We welcomed 90 million passengers through our facilities and also celebrated one billion passengers passing through the airport over the last 58 years.

“We also introduced a whole raft of new experiences for our customers and we were very active in the local community.”

The year got off to a flying start when Time Out DXB hit the shelves for the first time 12 months ago.

Don’t forget to pick up your free copy next time you’re passing through the airport, they’re located throughout all concourses and terminals.

Other notable figures in the yearly round-up include how India continued to hold to its position as DXB’s top destination country by passenger numbers, with traffic for the year reaching 12,279,485 – propelled mainly by top city destinations Mumbai, Delhi and Cochin.

Saudi Arabia was number two on the list with 6,471,142 customers, followed closely by the UK with 6,284,771 customers.

China rose by six percent to 3,512,075 and Russia grew 14.5 percent to 1,533,654.

The top three cities were London (3,817,889), Mumbai (2,540,750) and Kuwait (2,194,576).

The airport recorded 408,251 flights in the 12 months and handled 74.9 million bags.

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