Low sugar, gluten-free chocolate at Candylicious DXB

Try the range of healthier confectionery

Low sugar, gluten-free chocolate at Candylicious DXB

If you’re looking to ditch sugary sweets in favour of a healthier holiday treat this summer, Candylicious has just the answer.
Head to the huge branch sinide Dubai International Airport and you’ll find a range of Moo Free products.

The confectionery is perfect for sensitive diets or those wanting a little more goodness from their chocs.

The products are vegan, GMO-free, nut-free and gluten-free.

The Mini Moos are ideal for kids and come in a range of flavours including original organic and orange.

Or, Pundits Chocolates (also gluten-free and vegan) and have no added sugar as they are sweetened with stevia instead.

The candy connoisseurs also stock a number of other gluten-free and vegan-friendly products from Seed & Bean and King Monty.

Summer just got a whole lot sweeter (and healthier).
Prices vary. Open 24/7. Concourse B, Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport.

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