Emirati restaurant Sikka 34 coming to DXB

Dubai International Airport's first Emirati restaurant serves up traditional and modern dishes

Dubai International Airport
Dubai International Airport
Dubai International Airport
Dubai International Airport

Sikka 34 Gahwa Mezze Bar is a home-grown treasure taking inspiration from the gahwas (coffeehouses) usually found within the quaint back alleys of old towns across the UAE – and it’s opening next month in Dubai International Airport.

Chefs have created a menu representing the full flavours of the Middle East, with dishes such as spiced lentil soup (Dhs26), samosas and sambousek including chicken and date (Dhs29), spiced lamb (Dhs32) or spinach and feta (Dhs28), mains including Ras El Hanout lamb shoulder (Dhs41), kibbeh flan (Dhs22) and moussaka (Dhs38).

There’s also a range of breakfast plates, pitas, wraps and flatbreads, which you can wash down with a variety of tea and coffees – after all, Sikka 34 has its roots in authenticity.

For anyone catching a particularly early flight – or just anyone who really enjoys eating breakfast meals at any time of the day, we’re not here to judge – the Emirati chebab pancakes with date syrup and cream cheese (Dhs26) are a must. While you’ll also find balaleet (sweet vermicelli noodles) and scrambled egg for Dhs26, edamame fritters for Dhs26 and shakshuka with sujuk sausage and feta cheese for Dhs31.

Elevating the charming restaurant is an art wall created by local artists from the Mawaheb studio – a creative hub for people of determination in Dubai, just a stone’s throw away from DXB.

Some of the crafts created at Mawaheb are also available to buy at Sikka 34 for customers keen to support the city’s creative community.

Gifts include artworks, key chains, coffee mugs and notebooks. Sikka 34 is a culmination of tradition and modernity, and it’s open now.

Prices vary. Open daily 24/7. Near Gate C30, Concourse C, Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport.

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