Why do kids need books?

Sponsored: "No download can compare", says Deira International School Director

Why do kids need books?
Why do kids need books? Image #2

Time spent reading with your kids is time very well spent. Deira International School Director Ruth Burke wants parents to know that nothing compares to reading, no matter how much technology brings over the coming years.

“Time is a precious commodity for us all. For parents, time spent reading with our children can bring a genuine sense of enjoyment and wellbeing, promoting communication skills and a genuine love of learning,” says Ruth.

The Deira International School Director believes that books are among some of the top buys for little ones.” While over the course of the year, money will be spent on a range of adventures, trinkets and gadgets…there’s no purchase quite as satisfying as a new book. Opening one for the first time and immersing oneself in the content can be pure joy,” adds Ruth.

According to the school director, older, well-known reads can be just as fun as new ones too. “The much-loved and often read, dog-eared favourites of yesteryear can satisfy both parents and their youngsters with memories evoked and nostalgia laid bare,” she says.

“Those toddler favourites, tattered copies young mums treasure long after The Hungry Caterpillar or The Gruffalo have had their day, but in quieter moments will be sneaked down from shelves by boisterous boys who also treasure the memories of night-time stories, one more cuddle and one last goodnight kiss,” explains Ruth.

For Ruth, books mean so much more than text on pages and beautiful illustrations. “The lives and loves of our children are documented in the changing titles on our bookshelves – from Jacqueline Wilson and angst-ridden girls on the edge of young adulthood to Marjorie Blackman’s thought-provoking look at prejudice and onto the wonderful Kite Runner.”

“Progress in the turn of a page and the blink of an eye, autobiographies of sportsmen to theories of economics, this is where parents are beyond proud of their offspring’s accomplishments, yet completely terrified by their tenacity,” she adds.

For the School Director, nothing comes close to the feeling of grabbing a book. “No download can compare. Dusty, demanding to be devoured and re-read, books will forever remain the secret to wellbeing, success and human development. What better way to spend time with our little ones than to connect over a book and to instil in all a love of reading?”
Deira International School, Dubai Festival City, disdubai.ae (04 232 5552).

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