10 questions: Schools in Dubai

Wondering which school to send your little darlings to? These are the questions you must ask

Interview, Education

1 What is the school’s accreditation?
Since high tuition fees don’t necessarily ensure a corresponding level of education, one way to judge the quality is by its accreditation. The school should be able to tell you the standard by which it is accredited. If it can’t, or its accrediting institution seems sketchy, keep looking.

2 What are the teachers’ qualifications?
Keep in mind that experienced teachers often – but not always – conduct the best classrooms, while teachers fresh from university are perhaps more willing to subscribe to the latest in educational innovation.

3 How high is the teaching staff turnover?
If a large percentage of teachers are jumping ship every year, you should wonder why.

4 Is the school designed to make a profit?
Most private schools are businesses. The good news is that the lure of the bottom line may encourage them to hire the best teachers to keep competitive. The bad news is that unscrupulous school owners may put the fewest tuition dirhams possible back into the school.

5 What does the school’s profile say?
This glossy document can tell you things like the school’s philosophy, the activities it provides, and colleges or universities that have accepted recent graduates.

6 What type of curriculum does the school offer?
You will want to consider where in the world your kids are planning to go to university.

7 What is the ratio of students to teachers?
Too many students per teacher can mean your child won’t get enough attention.

8 Are parents actively involved?
If a school doesn’t want parents around, you might wonder if they have something to hide.

9 How does the school look?
Younger children thrive on colour. See if the classrooms look inviting and stimulating. Also, a surprising number of very expensive schools are guilty of allowing the building to fall into disrepair.

10 What is the overall feel of the school?
If the teachers seem happy, the students are actively engaged in learning and the support staff are friendly, then that might be a school to consider.

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