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This huge outdoor super-club has set the benchmark high for nights out in Dubai, which other venues in the city are no match for.

Its spectacular light shows and 360° panoramic views of the city are the least of it. WHITE brings out the big guns month after month, booking some of the world’s biggest stars to perform live at its regular events.

You can pack yourself in with the crowd and scream along to Rita Ora or dance to Armin van Buuren in front of the stage, but there are plenty of VIP areas, too, for those who like their club nights to be a little more velvet-roped and exclusive.

This setting easily caters to both without sacrificing on atmosphere. Its sheer scale isn’t at the expense of a good deal, either. The club’s Tuesday ladies’ night offers not only unlimited drinks, but also unlimited sushi from 10pm until 12.30am – not to the mention the fact that it had a five-week takeover from none other than Tinie Tempah.

WHITE is exclusive, but not overly so, and the atmosphere on any given night is nothing short of electrifying. Head here for your next big shindig.

The bottom line
A must-try-it-more-than-once experience.


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