Reel Cinemas launches UAE’s first ScreenX

The Dubai Mall now has the ‘world’s first multi-projection system’

Reel Cinemas launches UAE’s first ScreenX
Reel Cinemas launches UAE’s first ScreenX Image #2
Reel Cinemas launches UAE’s first ScreenX Image #3

What better way to fully immerse yourself in a movie than a 270-degree cinema experience? We can't think of many, so it’s a good thing Reel Cinemas now has one.

Emaar Entertainment’s popular cinema chain at The Dubai Mall has launched ScreenX, the UAE’s first multi-projection screening system. Have your buckets of popcorn at the ready.

Partnering up with CJ 4DPLEX, the technology expands the image of films onto three of the cinema’s walls "without the installation of any additional screens", covering the audience’s entire viewing angle. Talk about immersive.

Moviegoers can expect an amazing, panoramic 270-degree format, and we can’t wait to be either scared by monstrosities at all angles or gaze at amazing action sequences.

Chief executive of CJ 4DPLEX Byung-Hwan Choi added: "Opening the first site at The Dubai Mall, we will deliver unmatched cinematic experience that will transform the movie-going experience in the UAE.”

Created in 2012, ScreenX is a cinema format that, along with 4DX, the multi-sensory cinema technology, includes motion and environmental effects.

Summer blockbuster The Meg is currently showing at the brand-new cinema, starring Jason Statham and Ruby Rose who face the world’s largest shark.

With the surround screening system in place, be wary of the massive predator at all sides. Don’t worry though, it’s extinct...we believe.

And in even better news, Reel Cinemas at The Dubai Mall is also offering half-price VR Park tickets simply by watching any movie that’s showing.
Prices vary. Open daily. Movie times vary. The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai (04 449 1988).

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