Emirati horror film Tale of Shadows is getting a chilling sequel

The second movie is part of what is hoped will be a Marvel-like franchise

Emirati horror film Tale of Shadows is getting a chilling sequel

Mission Impossible, Fast & Furious, and Star Trek – all absolute blockbusters and all with scenes in Dubai, and soon there’ll be another movie to add to that list.

Illusions is the work of award-winning Emirati director Tariq Alkazim’s sequel to his 2017 horror-thriller, A Tale of Shadows, and it’s being dubbed as the genesis of Emirati cinema’s first ever cinematic universe.

This time we’re being promised even more action in the sets of new locations in Dubai as well as the farmhouse in the Dubai-Al Ain city, and we can’t wait to see our beloved city on the big screen.

Illusions is set for release in February 2020, so we’ve got a little while to wait yet, but the storyline sounds absolutely gripping.

The film follows an investigation led by detective Hamdan and reporter Sophia where they unravel horrific and mysterious happenings at a farm.

Co-produced by Jenny Han and Robert Cristian Trif, the film has Dhs7.3m budget set aside for its making.

The film stars three leading cast members from the previous film, which includes Nigerian actor Chuka Ekweogwu, as well as Almer Agmyren and Arzu Neuwirth, while Romanian actor Robert Cristian Trif will also be joining the fold.

“Illusions’ is part of a universe that I created, said Tariq. “This certain story takes place after the first A Tale of Shadows. We basically wanted to continue the story, given that many audiences enjoyed the first.”

He also explained that A Tale of Shadows has additional nine stories connected with its theme.

“It’s not going to be quite like Marvel,” he added. “My films will be linear and follow the story chronologically, but with a lot of the same characters and the same central story.”

We can’t wait to be scared out of our wits.
Coming to screens in February 2020.

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