Halloween in UAE 2019: What scary movies to watch on Netflix

Spooky films to give you the creeps this October

Halloween in UAE 2019: What scary movies to watch on Netflix
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Whether you’re a fan of shock and horror or try to avoid it at all costs, this time of year means we’re obliged to watch a scary movie or two – in honour of Halloween, of course.

If you’re tired of browsing endlessly through Netflix in the UAE and just want to get spooked this October, we have ten for you that should send you straight to spooksville. If you're looking for Halloween parties, click here.

First of all, we absolutely hate that bear. On the whole, this Netflix original was not marketed as a scary film, but there is absolutely no denying how utterly terrifying many parts of it are - like, that bear. There’s not been such an edge-of-your-seat-basically-on-the-floor scene like that this for a while. Basically, a scientist goes on a secret expedition to place where the laws of nature do not apply. Beautifully freaky.

Darkness Falls
Okay, the acting can be laughable and having a ‘Tooth Fairy’ chase after folk can be a little silly, but Darkness Falls still finds a way back into the classic horror movie mix because of its well-crafted scary moments. The Tooth Fairy, or Matilda, is exacting revenge on a town that accused her of murder 150 years earlier. Her only opposition is the only child, now grown up, who has survived her before.

Gerald’s Game
Stephen King’s Netflix Original is both gripping and terrifying in all the right ways, and it even throws in a little gore for good measure.

It takes some time for Eli Roth’s horrific flick to really kick off, but once it does, prepare to avert your eyes many a time. Three backpackers head to a Slovak city for a lads holiday, but they really have no idea what they’re all in for.

This highly-tense update on the old premise – which sees a deaf author put through the mill by a mask-wearing lunatic – owes a great deal to stalker classics such as Halloween and even Scream, but brings plenty of its own to the blood-splattered table.

Lights Out
You heard the title, turn off those lights and switch this on for the perfect Halloween treat. It may seem like a simple concept, but it will definitely get under your skin once you watch it start to finish. Two siblings come face-to-face with an evil entity attached to their mother, and you'll never guess its weakness... You'll go back to having that nightlight.

The Collector
What you’re getting here is a classic these-guys-robbed-the-wrong-house movie (you know, like Don’t Breathe or The Neighbour). And in this case the person getting robbed is obviously a fan of the Saw movies (director Marcus Dunstan wrote four of them, after all) and has rigged his house with traps. It’s seriously tense, but it’s also a gory laugh, so it’ll cater for most of the horror crowd.

The Perfection
We’re still not sure what we just saw after that final scene in The Perfection, but what we do know is that it was one thriller of a ride. Starring a very eerie Allison Williams (the very same creep from Get Out), this horror show musical prodigy Charlotte seeking out a new star pupil of her former school. But their encounter is little more than what the bargained for. Many twists, many turns, a horrifyingly good time.

The Ritual
What starts out as a group of college friends reuniting through a big hike in a forest, quickly turns into a horrifying descent into the unreal, as a menacing presence in the woods begins stalking them. The less you know about this brilliant Netflix Original, the better.

Numerous people have dubbed this “the scariest film ever”, so load it up and see for yourself. Then, like the girl in the film, again fail to listen to any warning we may have given you.

You’re Next
You’re Next is a triumphant turn-the-tables flick that will have you at the edge of your seats rooting for shy Erin. Good luck, baddies.
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