Truth be told, ever since the remarkable flop of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the future of the DC cinematic universe never quite looked bright.

Even the anticipated Avengers-esque team up in Justice League couldn’t save some of our favourite comic book heroes (except Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman) on the big screen.

However, we did see a chink of light with Aquaman, mainly because we’d have the fun-loving Jason Momoa to make talking to fish look cool. Now that he’s getting his own aquatic adventure, though, we have mixed thoughts – on one hand, there’s a great cast, on the other, it’s a DC flick.

We saw Arthur Curry embrace his Atlantean heritage after the events of Justice League, neglecting his past and becoming a small-time local hero in a local fishing village. Now, he’s proving himself to be the rightful heir of Atlantis and king of the seven seas, before his half-brother, Orm (better known as the villain Ocean Master in the comics), takes charge to lead an all-out war on the surface.

It’s slated to be more of an origin story for the character, but with the amount of epic battles going on in the trailer – not to mention more bad guys like Black Mantra to be introduced and its further look at the world of Atlantis – it seems like the pacing will be all over the place, just like we’ve seen in, well, every other DC movie.

That being said, Atlantis looks stunning, and we’re hoping to get that same awe-inducing effect when audiences were first introduced to Wakanda back in Black Panther.

Even more astonishing though is the cast involved. There’s Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Dolph Lundgren, Patrick Wilson and Amber Heard, so surely this it had to be a smash-hit, right? Well, A-list stars have come together before in Suicide Squad, and we all know how that turned out. Overall, we hope Aquaman will be the saviour of the DCEU, but somehow we always seem to get let down. But hey, if Vince in Entourage can make Aquaman a box office hit, who’s to say it won’t happen for real? Darragh Murphy

The origin story of DC’s aquatic superhero

For Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and the world of Atlantis

James Wan

Dec 13 (PG13)

By Darragh Murphy | 12 Dec 2018


Release DateDecember 13, 2018
Director James Wan
CastingJason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe
Film Category Action